Monday, June 18, 2007

Watering Pigs

We need to water a lot of things on the farm, but the pigs are the most fun by far. Our three Tamworth's spend most of the day sleeping in their shelter out of the hot sun, but two or three times a day we go out and spray them down with rain water collected off our barn. When they hear us turn on the pump they come out for a drink and a refreshing cool shower.

The pigs are really happy now that they are all together. Maya was lonely (or so I suppose) being by herself out on pasture. The boys (Grunt and Runt -- same names as our last two males) were real skittish in the barn but settled in quickly after they were moved onto pasture. The three never seemed to have any major problems getting adjusted but the boys were silly for a while. They would pester Maya and nip at her ears. She would put up with this for some time then growl and bite at them when she had had enough. Maya never did any damage to the boys, but they would get submissive and their tails would droop down. A minute or two later you could see their tails curl back up and they would come back and start pestering her again. It was all very amusing.

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admin said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this story of Maya, Grunt and Runt enjoying themselves and the water.
Sara from farmingfriends